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White yam and vegetable sauce


White yam and vegetable sauce


  • Vegetable (blettes) in French
  • Beef
  • Crayfish
  • Red ball pepper
  • 2 Fresh tomatoes sliced
  • Onion
  • Stock cube
  • Salt
  • Chopped fresh pepper
  • 2 tbs red oil


_Slice and wash the yam, boil with salt.

_Wash d beef with salt, slice into small cubes, put into a pot, add small water, salt and onions, boil till d water dries and meat soft. 

_Chop onions, pepper and set aside

_Wash the vegetable with salt and slice

_Slice tomatoes and red ball pepper.

🕃.In the meat pot, add the remaining onions, stir till the water from d onions dry, then add the slice tomatoes, stir till its juicy, then add the red ball pepper, chopped fresh pepper, stock cube and crayfish, stir together, cover the pot and allow to cook for 5mins, then add the vegetable and red oil, stir for 2mins, check for salt, add salt if there's need for it and bring it down. Its ready, I don't over cook my vegetables. Give it a trial, it's delicious.



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