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Chinese Pepper Steak With Onions


Chinese Pepper Steak With Onions



1 lbs chuck steak cut into medium slices

1 large onion cut into medium strips

½ green bell pepper cut into medium strips


½ red bell pepper cut into medium strips

1 lev_eled teas_poon black pepper

Salt to taste


2 cup Boiling water

3 table_spoon oil


“”For  The  Sauce”””


3 table_spoon soy sauce

1 tables_poon corns_tarch


1 tables_poon sugar

½ cup warm water


½ teasp_oon onion powder


½ teas_poon garlic powder

¼ teasp_oon ginger powder




In a pan, add three table_spoon oil and fry the chuck in two bat_ches until brown on both sides.


Remove and keep aside. Don’t crowd the pan when browning.


In the same oil fry the onion until transl_ucent. Remove and keep aside.


In the same pan, fry the bell peppers for few seconds and keep aside.

Add the fried chuck back to the pan, Season the chuck with salt and black pepper. Add two cups boiling water and let it cook on medium heat for 45 minutes or until the meat is tender. Add water if the meat is still tough and continue cooking.

When the meat is cooked add the onion and bell pepper.


Mix the sauce ingredients and pour over the steak, stir until the sauce thic_kens.


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