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5 Cups. Of fresh strawberries, I sliced them ​​into halves.
1/2 Cup.Of sugar.
1 t.Of corns-starch.
1 t.Of salt.
A glass.Of milk.


2 large egg yolks.
1 Cup. Of unsalted butter, I cut it into suitable pieces.
1 Cup.Of white flour.
1/2 Cup.Of cold water.
1/4 Cup.Of sugar.
1 t.Of salt.
1 t.Of pure vanilla.
Canola oil.




Step 1:

I first added the salt, sugar, vanilla extract, and unsalted butter to the flour to prepare strawberry pie dough, and then I added gradually the canola oil and cold water until a smooth and cohesive dough is made.

Step 2:

Then I whisked in the egg yolks separately, and I kneaded until the dough was firm again.

Step 3:

I put the dough in the fridge until it was ready for kneading and easy to spread.

Step 4:

After taking the dough out of the fridge, I let it cool slightly.

Step 5:

To have an acceptable diameter of not more than 10 inches, I rolled the pie dough into an oven tray and I pressed it well.
I removed the dough’s excess edges instantly, then I covered it with a plastic wrap and placed it back in the refrigerator to cool for five minutes.

Step 6:

I made another bowl and I put in the sliced strawberries, cornstarch, sugar, and a pinch of salt stirring well.

Step 7:

Then I placed strawberries on the top of the pie dough, paying attention to a stick to decorate the sides.

Step 8:

I placed the strawberry pie in the oven to cook for approximately half an hour at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 9:

Finally, I took the pie from the oven and I dust it with a little sugar, taking into account that a fork or knife makes four holes in the pie to create cracks from which steam escapes to keep the pie from burning during baking.



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